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Sell with Us

Thank you for your interest in the Gorge Farmer Collective - a farmer-owned cooperative!

Onboarding new producers is currently on hold - feel free to register as a producer with us and we'll reach out when we are ready to accept more applications.


We aim to streamline our regional food chain in a way that “lets farmers farm.” We operate robust, year-round, direct-to-consumer and wholesale online marketplaces, serving as a one-stop-shop for individuals, families, restaurants, schools, hospitals, and grocery retailers to easily access our products. For our producers, that means the ability to consolidate dozens of accounts into one delivery and one payment - GFC will take care of distribution, invoicing, accounting, marketing, and customer relations.


If you’re a farmer, rancher, or fisher in any of the Gorge’s five counties or surrounding areas, you’re eligible to apply for Cooperative Membership, meaning you own a share in the business, have voting rights, and will receive dividends in years with excess profits. If you’re not a farmer, rancher, or fisher, or don’t operate within the Gorge, don’t worry: other local and regional producers may still participate in GFC as non-member Vendors, with full access to our service but without ownership rights.


We look forward to bringing more of our producer friends aboard this year, to further our Cooperative movement and realize the full potential of what we can achieve when working together.

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