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  • "Gorge farmers start new business" - Goldendale Sentinel
    A small group of Gorge farmers have created a new business: Gorge Farmer Collective. It’s easy to order—just type “Gorge Farmer Collective” in your search engine, and it will take you to their website. Then just place your order anytime between Thursday 8 a.m. through Sunday midnight. Pick up your order every Wednesday from 4 to 6 p.m. at a convenient location website directs you to. You can register as a customer or a producer to benefit each other in the community. Let’s give these new entrepreneurs some support and eat healthy while doing so. Read More
  • "A New Route to Market" - Ruralite
    The seeds for GFC were sown in March 2020 during the initial COVID-19 lockdown. “The farms that produce year-round in the area—such as mushrooms, microgreens, and meat—saw their wholesale and restaurant sales screech to a halt, with most if not all accounts disappearing overnight,” says Kiara Kashuba... “Seasonal farms with flower, fruit, and vegetable production had already ordered seeds and began propagating and were worried about where they would sell their harvests for the upcoming season. “There was also a period of uncertainty surrounding whether farmers markets in the Gorge would be allowed to continue under new COVID restrictions. Knowing at the time we couldn’t rely on our existing sales channels to move our products, a small group of farmers came together to devise a pivot, and the Gorge Farmer Collective was born.” Each member owns an equal share of the business and has an equal vote in how it operates. Members commit to work a few shifts a month. Farm members receive dividends at the end of the year. “It’s truly a grassroots approach that practices deep collaboration, self-governance, and autonomy,” Kiara says. “We believe our local food system is stronger when we work together.” The cooperative approach allows for a variety of offerings, including a range of vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs, mushrooms, eggs, and meats. Read More
  • "New faces and more at the Mt. View Grange No. 98" - Columbia Gorge News
    The other new addition in the Estes parking lot is the Gorge Farmer Collective’s refrigerated trailer. The Farmer’s Collective runs an online farmers’ marketplace with selections of produce, flowers, meats, eggs, teas, breads, cheese, vinegars and other locally produced sundries. Pickup locations are located throughout the Gorge, and the Mt. View Grange is White Salmon’s pick-up spot. The Gorge Farmer Collective mission is rooted in promoting and fostering local family farmers while providing customers with a diverse selection of some of the finest and freshest foods sustainably grown in the Gorge. Place your order online each week at Read More
  • "Gorge Farmer Collective Makes Buying Local Food Easy" - Columbia Community Connection
    The Gorge Farmer Collective (GFC) is an online marketplace with selections of produce, flowers, meats, eggs, teas, and more locally produced goods. It doesn’t get any easier than this: place your order online each week from Thursday through Sunday at, and then pick up your bounty the following Wednesday afternoon between 4-6 p.m. at six pickup locations conveniently located throughout the Gorge: The Dalles, Lyle, Mosier, White Salmon, Parkdale, or Hood River. GFC is a farmer-owned Cooperative in its second year of operation, with 25 farmers and growing strong! Being a Cooperative means that each participating farm equally owns the business, and has an equal vote in its governance - a truly grassroots and autonomous approach to building our local food system. Its mission is rooted in promoting and fostering local family farmers while providing customers with a diverse selection of some of the finest and freshest foods sustainably grown in the Gorge. The Cooperative strengthens connections between producers and consumers, simplifying the process from farm to table. The Cooperative recognizes that the Columbia Gorge food system is unique and dynamic, and aims to build its richness, health, equity, and resilience through broad collaboration. Read More
  • Can I set up standing orders?
    Yes! In fact, we encourage it as it makes everyone’s life easier. Please note that standing orders require a week’s notice to cancel or edit, however, as our farmers have factors those sales into their production calendar.
  • Can I forward contract with your farmers?
    Absolutely. Please contact our Co-op Manager about forward contracts: You can view a list of all the products we intend to have for sale over the year, including an estimate of when the products are seasonally available, here.
  • Is there an order minimum?
    Yes. We’re a business, too! We require a $200 order minimum for deliveries. If you are unable to meet this minimum, don't worry - we offer multiple convenient pickup locations around the region with no minimum order requirements.
  • Why should I buy local?
    Your customers want local food. People are willing to pay a higher price for foods that are fresh, tasty, and are produced in a way that benefits our environment, health, and the local economy. Local food is fresh. Our farmers harvest-to-order, meaning your items were likely picked within 24 hours of us delivering it into your walk-in. The shelf life on these products is unbeatable, which not only translates into you serving the highest quality food around, but you’ll also decrease expenses from product loss. Foods from corporate distributors can be harvested at least a week (often more) before they arrive, resulting in short shelf life and lost income. Local food is delicious. You’re a chef - you know you can’t beat the taste of an in-season, sun-ripened peach or heirloom tomato, the crunchy sweetness of a carrot picked after a frost, or the crisp spice of freshly harvested arugula. Your customers do notice the difference, too - we’re sure of this. Because it’s the right thing to do. Climate change, labor exploitation, widespread diet-related illnesses, social inequality, the consolidation of American farmland by big-Ag corporations, animal cruelty, are all direct results of our current industrial food system. We’re here to grow the ethical, local food movement with you, making the change one menu at a time.
  • Can I change my order once the sales period has ended?
    During the sales period you may adjust, cancel, or add to your order, even if it is already Confirmed. Once sales close, we generate harvest lists for farmers and they get to work. We cannot make changes or additions to orders once harvest lists are sent. After this time, all sales are final and cannot be canceled nor refunded. Please note that standing orders and subscriptions require a week’s notice to cancel or edit, however, as our farmers have factored those sales into their production calendar and need time to reroute those sales.
  • What's your ordering and delivery schedule?
    Ordering opens Thursdays at 8am and closes Monday at 10am. You can make changes to and/or cancel your order anytime during the aforementioned ordering windows. Please be aware that after the order cutoff deadline, all orders are final, cannot be changed, and will be charged to your account. Once items are added to your cart, it is imperative that you CONFIRM your order. If your order is NOT confirmed, you will NOT receive any of your items. Contact us via email to create or edit standing orders. Deliveries: available for businesses located along our delivery route in Hood River, White Salmon, Lyle, The Dalles, and Mosier. Deliveries to be received between ~11am - 5pm on Wednesdays unless otherwise communicated. $200 delivery minimum. If your business or institution is not along our current delivery route, please inquire and we may be able to accommodate your delivery needs. Pickup Options: Wednesdays between 4-6pm in Hood River, Lyle, Mount Hood, The Dalles, Goldendale, or White Salmon. Pickups may be available at those locations outside of the typical 4-6pm hours; please reach out to coordinate. Our delivery schedule, route, and pickup locations are subject to change. Should that happen, you will be notified of such changes in advance. Please note that GFC does not hold inventory and thus we are unable to accommodate last minute orders; all products are picked and packed to order by our farmers up order closing.
  • Why buy through the Co-op, instead of from local farmers directly?
    We are your local farmers - just more organized and more efficient from pooling resources and working together. Instead of receiving fresh sheets from several farms, you can see our regional, collective availability all in one place and easily compare pricing and varietal differences. Simply order all the local products you need in one click, and communicate with one central staff person to make sure all your needs are met. You receive one delivery at one time instead of many at all times. GFC Will be providing lugs for our producers, which means that you won’t have to keep track of dozens of farmers’ totes.
  • Why are some of my items individually packaged?
    In order to get you the correct items and keep costs down for our customers, we ask that each farm bring their products in individual units, and sometimes that requires the use of a paper or plastic bag. We encourage our farmers to band, bunch, or use paper or compostable bags, but sometimes certain items do require plastic packaging to maintain quality and freshness. Our farmers have spent hundreds of hours to get you your product, and it would break a farmer’s heart to see it spoil after all that effort due to improper packaging. All orders are packed into reusable totes: we ask that customers bring a box or bag to pickup to transfer into. This is another way we’re working to reduce waste. Finally, we firmly believe that local food is the most sustainable, healthy option for our community and our environment, even if there is some use of plastic. When you buy local, you: Reduce transportation pollution Lower fossil fuels emissions coming from big-Ag farms that use artificial fertilizer (a highly energy-intensive process to create) Reduce harm to waterways caused by fertilizer runoff Rebuild soils with regenerative agriculture practices Commit to supporting fair labor practices And boost our local economy by keeping dollars in our region It’s an honor to share our harvest with you.
  • What if I can’t pick up my order?
    Ask a friend or neighbor to pick it up for you! If your order is not retrieved within your selected site’s pickup timeframe, your order will be considered abandoned with no refund, and is subject to being donated to our neighbors in need at the food bank.
  • How do I update my billing information?
    Log into your account, and click the person icon on the top right of the page > Account Setting > Credit Card (or Billing Info to update billing name & address)
  • What if I receive an incorrect item, or an item that was damaged or inedible?
    We are proud to offer the highest quality local foods in the Gorge, picked and packed to order. However, we know sometimes the unexpected happens- that’s the nature of farming (and life)! In the off chance that your food reaches you in an unacceptable or unsatisfactory condition, or you received an incorrect item, please let us know within 24 hours of pickup by sending an email to We will happily credit your account for the lost goods. GFC reserves the right to request a photo of the product in question. Please note that customers are responsible for properly refrigerating and washing the product received; we will not issue credits for damages caused by improperly storing or failing to wash products before consumption. Please refer to our Refund Policy for more details.
  • Can I change my order once the sales period has ended?
    During the sales period, Thursday 8 am - Monday 10 am, you may adjust, cancel, or add to your order, even if it is already Confirmed. Once sales close Monday morning, we generate harvest lists for farmers and they get to work. We cannot make changes or additions to orders once harvest lists are sent. After Monday at 10 am, all sales are final and cannot be canceled nor refunded.
  • What types of payment do you accept?
    We currently accept payment by credit or debit card only. Our application to accept SNAP/EBT (formerly called food stamps) payment is currently under review. We look forward to being able to increase accessibility to our farm fresh foods!

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